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“I entered into the coaching process not really knowing what to expect, except perhaps to be held accountable to some goals.  It has proven to be so much more than that.  Yes, I can list a series of goals I’ve accomplished through the work we’ve done together, but so much more significant are the internal shifts in perspective which led to those accomplishments and which will lead to so many more."

You might have a weekly therapy model in mind, or maybe you like the idea of a monthly retainer. The frequency of sessions is something we can design together based on your particular needs.


Want to talk once a week to move towards a mighty goal – you’ve got it.

Or maybe you’re someone who likes more time to process, and prefers to talk just a couple of times a month – that’s OK too.

And if you want a combination of longer sessions, with quick check-ins, and emails as you progress, we can build that as well.


Here are three base packages. Call or email me and we can discuss your needs.


i. Session to session pricing: $250.00 per hour

ii. Block of 10 sessions: $2250.00 (save $250.00)

**Each of these packages include on demand support via text check-ins and laser phone calls


Coyle Coaching has the ability to facilitate couple angroup sessions too. If you’re planning a retreat, or need coaches to support a strategic visioning session, please give me a call. I’d love to build a proposal for you.

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