Personal and professionaL ​​​​​Coach 

"Laura has been my champion as my business coach and I mean that literally. She is excited for me and is on fire that my dream and my passion for world peace be fulfilled through my business. Her excitement, and dare I say, her love for me, is palpable, real and strong and zings to me over the telephone wires from Connecticut to Seattle! I am inspired when I get off the phone and get right into action with whatever we have agreed upon.  There have been rocky points in our relationship but we have always worked them through. I am amazed at the ground we have taken in the short time we have worked together. Her enthusiasm and her energy for her clients is incredible."

Joy Helmer, Seattle, WA

"Working with Laura feels like magic.  We massage open locked brain synapses, we reshape perspectives from prison to playground, we respectfully converse with then dismiss negative ghouls, we stretch our imaginations wide open to further my reach into a perfect life, and I love it!

I cannot recommend Laura enough.  For anyone committed to living to the fullest during their stay on this planet, you can count on Laura to stretch you fuller than you’d ever thought possible.  Laura doesn’t just give you a fish– she teaches you how to fish!"
Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Los Angeles, CA


"Working with Laura has had a truly

profound impact on my life.  I now have a better understanding of myself, my actions, my motivations, and the personal issues that hinder me.  She has opened me up to a new way of looking at myself, at others, and at life in general.  Laura has an effortless way of doing this...I often feel like I have just had a nice long chat with an old friend, yet in the hours and days that follow our sessions, my mind becomes clearer, her words repeat in my head, and I feel empowered.  Simply put, Laura is a gifted guide...she lets you choose your path, but shows you how to stay on course.  She is exuberant, supportive, kind, and compassionate."
--Scott Khouri

Los Angeles, CA​​

"I began working with Laura Coyle in 2008 and she has had a fabulous impact on my life.  Her work with me as a coach is very structured, yet also flexible when necessary.  She has been invaluable in helping me to focus my energy and efforts toward reaching various goals of mine, both personal and professional.  Laura’s energy is infectious; her positive attitude inspiring.  Her ability to navigate a position of holding me accountable, while remaining may champion is truly a gift. 
I have referred several people to Laura in the time I’ve been working with her and each has had a similar experience to mine.  The changes I’ve manifested, particularly in how I structure and spend my time, my expectations of myself and what I’ve been able to achieve are pronounced. I am excited to continue my work with her."

Lisa Harris, Los Angeles, CA